BBC uses “collateral freedom” system to bypass Chinese censorship

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Authorities in China have been blocking Chinese-language BBC content since last month, after the British state broadcaster carried footage of Hong Kong police beating a protestor. However, on Monday the anti-censorship campaign group said it was working with the BBC to make its content available to Chinese web users again. attempts to sneak content around China’s Great Firewall through a “collateral freedom” system of “unblockable” mirror sites delivered through content delivery network (CDN) services such as [company]Amazon[/company]’s CloudFront. It claims these are unblockable because the Great Firewall’s DNS cache poisoning techniques block entire domains, and doing so with something as widely used as Amazon Web Services (AWS) would be somewhat over-the-top, even for Chinese censors.

Judging by a screenshot included in’s Monday blog post, the BBC’s Chinese-language content is currently being delivered through pages hosted in [company]Microsoft[/company]’s Azure cloud.

Chinese-language BBC content, as delivered through a "collateral freedom" mirror Chinese-language BBC content, as delivered through a…

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Antwerp Illustrated Map



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This is it! I want to become a cartographer. I SO enjoyed the assignment of this week in my MATS-e-course. I’ve been drawing for many hours on this one.  Of all the assignments, I enjoyed this one ABSOLUTELY the most. I just couldn’t stop thinking and drawing – sent the kids to my mum to draw all day and I almost didn’t stand up today. A real discovery – and I just got started! I discovered also that a lots of illustrators out there map the world in drawings, like on They Draw And Travel.

It’s a hell of a lot of work too, a map like this! The key is to find the right scale – I think I made the mistake of wanting to put too much on one map. But to be continued! Pure Joy! I share with you the final map and also some…

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Authy Brings Two-Factor Authentication To The Desktop

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When you use two-factor authentication, chances are you are getting your second factor from a mobile phone app like Google Authenticator or Authy. This makes sense, given that you want to ensure that nobody who has access to your computer also has access to the application that provides you with your second key for accessing your private accounts.

Authy is turning this idea on its head today by launching a desktop app for its two-factor authentication service. Authy for Desktop is now available as a Chrome app here. While it uses Chrome’s app framework, it’s a completely stand-alone app, though, and you don’t need to run Chrome to use it. This approach allows the same app to run on Windows, Mac and Linux.

As the company’s founder and CEO Daniel Palacio told me last week, being able to get your second factor from your desktop and laptop makes for a far more…

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Microsoft Won’t Brand Its Own Phones ‘Microsoft Mobile’ — Nor Use Nokia’s Name For Long

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Now that Nokiasoft is (un)officially a thing, following the completion on Friday of Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar purchase of Nokia’s devices division, the question of which brand names Microsoft is going to push on its own brand smartphones comes to the fore.

Stephen Elop, formerly the Nokia chief — now freshly returned to Microsoft as head of its devices group — shed a little more light on that question today, during an Ask Me Anything on the Nokia Conversations blog (now, of course, a Microsoft property — despite still having ‘Nokia’ in its name).

Asked for clarity about whether Microsoft plans to rebrand the Nokia brand to Microsoft Mobile, despite having a 10-year license to use the name on phones, Elop said that the “Microsoft Mobile Oy” name — which cropped up in a leaked memo last week — is merely a “legal construct” created to “facilitate the merger”.

Since that explanation doesn’t exactly explain a lot, he…

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